British Schools Introduce Canteen Pay Facial Recognition System

While Moscow's face recognition system is conquering the subway, the UK has decided to use this technology in schools. Immediately in nine schools of the country, a face recognition system was launched to pay for meals in school canteens. Experts at CRB Cunninghams, which installed the equipment, say this payment method reduces service time per person to 5 seconds. In addition, this method eliminates any contacts within the outlet, which is important in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Experts say that the biometric data of students is stored encrypted and deleted when the child leaves the school. At the same time, parents should allow their children to use this technology. Statistics from at least one school in Scotland showed that 97% of parents and children gave their consent.

Pilot tests of the system began last year, and a total of 65 schools in the UK have applied for the program.

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