Browser-based WhatsApp has received a feature that has been on Android for 5 years


It has been almost five years since the team of the popular messenger WhatsApp implemented a number of image editing features in their mobile apps. However, web clients and desktop applications until now could not boast of even a simple editor. When submitting an image, you could only add a signature, and that's it. The injustice has now been corrected.

The WhatsApp team has begun distributing an update for the web version of WhatsApp. Editing tools are also expected to appear soon in WhatsApp desktop clients.

When trying to send one or more messages, the user will now see the editing tool icons. The tools are almost the same as on mobile devices. You can add emojis, stickers, text, draw freehand, and crop and rotate images. The only differences come down to an updated text editor that lets you choose fonts, alignments, and use a background. Plus there is a redo button with an undo button.

If you took a screenshot on your computer or are uploading a regular photo, you no longer need to open a separate editor before uploading. Instead, basic edits can be done right in WhatsApp.

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