Buick GL8 flagship concept car world premiere

Buick announced the world premiere of the GL8 flagship concept car. The official said that the Buick GL8 flagship concept car adopts a new MPV forward-looking design and leading technology, predicting that the Buick brand will open up higher-end and more luxurious MPV market segments.

In terms of the overall design, this car adopts a pure potential energy surface, luxurious two-tone body, and collocation with penetrating aventurine trim. The V-shaped front design brings a sense of ritual like the flow of water, as well as a panoramic cabin with an indigo water curtain dome, a spread-wing light trail interactive headlight, and a linkage integrated corrugated matrix grille.

Buick said that this car uses a B-pillar-free design and is equipped with a drama-style electric sliding door.

In terms of interior, the official said that the interior design of this car is pure and transparent, the color is matched with azurite and silk white, and the black and sand gold have both artistic beauty and modern texture. The driver-centered ring-type retina screen brings a multi-dimensional and integrated real-world interaction space. In addition, there are innovative hardware such as a foldable steering wheel, a front row of "zero gravity" suspended seats, and the height of the VCS smart cockpit system. Forward-looking visual interactive technology can start the vehicle and judge the driving state of the vehicle through dynamic eyeball capture technology, and voice can control almost all vehicle functions.

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