Bulánci 2.0 raised a huge package of money on Starter

Bulánci, feathered heroes from the notorious Czech shooter, took care of the record success on the crowdfunding server Startovač. After the authors of this game announced the collection for the development of version 2.0 in mid-May, big things started to happen. On the day of the start of the campaign, the continuation of the title, which this year celebrates twenty years since the original release, already had a million crowns in its account. So twice the target amount. After a few days, we were able to write about a contribution of over four million, while there were still a few days left until the end of the project. And it was clear that this is an attack on more than one record in the history of the Starter portal. In the end, the most important one fell with the inscription "selected".

Bulánci 2.0 (or their developers) eventually received an incredible CZK 7,308,770 from donors, which is 1,461% of the originally requested amount. The total amount collected is at the top of the local Hall of Fame with an overview of more than two million crowns. The percentage "overhang" is the third-highest.

The game, which was iconic for the introduction of computer science lessons in schools, managed to awaken nostalgia in a really big style after twenty years. She had a record in her "pocket" well in advance. The addition of one of the most sought-after rewards provided a strong last wave. Namely, real pillows made in the style of game "characters". Let us remind you that the game will also be available for mobile phones, and we will also see multiplayer between platforms.

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