Burger King in the US will distribute 20 bitcoins to its customers

Burger King North America has partnered with investment platform Robinhood to announce a promotion that will literally make some of the fast-food chain's shoppers rich. As part of the campaign, Burger King customers who are active users of the Royal Perks 'premium service' will have the chance to win one Bitcoin (currently worth over $ 61,000), one Ethereum coin (over $ 4,000), or one Dogecoin (it costs about $ 0). $ 27).

The promotion will last until November 21, or until all cryptocurrencies are handed out. And Burger King will give away a lot: the company purchased 20 bitcoins, 200 Ethereum coins, and two million Dogecoin coins worth more than $ 2.5 million for this advertising campaign.

The promotion itself is quite traditional: members of the Royal Perks subscription receive a digital code that applies to all purchases that cost more than $ 5. Winning digital codes are randomly determined every day. Users will also need to create a Robinhood account in which the Burger King code will be redeemed. The Robinhood wallet will be used to deposit and store the winning cryptocurrency.

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