Burning waste in thermal power plants will improve the environment!

Science of The Total Environment reported that scientists at the Tomsk University of Technological Sciences and the Ural Federal University have demonstrated high environmental efficiency of a mixture of various wastes when used as an alternative fuel to coal in electric power plants.

The magazine indicates that, according to the researchers, the use of such components in thermal plants to generate electric power instead of coal will reduce the emission of harmful oxides to the atmosphere by 70%.

She added that the use of various fossil fuels in the context of the continuing increase in global energy consumption leads to the formation and emission of large quantities of gases and solid particles into the atmosphere.

According to IEA data, the burning of fossil fuels is responsible for more than 90% of the world's pollution with sulfur and nitrogen oxides, which cause severe diseases to humans, animals, and plants. And 60% of this volume comes from coal.

One solution to this problem, the researchers suggest, is to use a suspended mixture of water, coal, and oil byproducts, household solid waste, woodworking waste, and other biomass. Because this mixture according to them can be used in thermal power plants instead of coal and diesel.

The results of the study conducted by the researchers showed that the concentration of sulfur and nitrogen oxides when burning these components could be 70% lower compared to burning coal.

Galina Nyashina, from Tomsk University, says, the use of fuel consisting of waste and by-products of production processes not only reduces pollution of the surrounding environment but also allows the disposal of large piles of waste, which are not used in any field. It also helps conserve non-renewable fuels.

The researchers also proved that the presence of water vapor in the burning area helps convert some of the sulfur and nitrogen into inactive forms that cannot form oxides, which also reduces the level of environmental pollution, according to Novosti.

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