Business Directory launches to complete the success process of Daleel Store

A lot of lights have recently been shedding on Dalil Store, which has recently brightened up in the digital world, as it was able to attract a large base of users, and also gains the trust of a group of prominent brands in the world. Soon to complete the success of Daleel Store.

The Covid-19 pandemic has reshaped the world significantly in the recent period, and the trend of many users to the digital world in different sectors and sites has been one of the most prominent changes that the world is witnessing now, and today we review the role played by Daleel Store in the process of digital transformation, which is proceeding in rapid steps, We also explain the vision of the business directory on the platform.

Daleel Store platform began in 2013 with a future vision about the development that the digital world will witness, and today, by 2021, and with the increasing impact of the Corona pandemic, which imposed social distancing on the world and led many to work and learn remotely and via the Internet, the role of Daleel Store has emerged more and was able to To achieve great leaps and a clear footprint in the digital world.

The Business Directory also completes the march that the online store Daleel Store has started soon, as it starts with a basic vision in supporting users, companies, and websites as well with many digital services and products.

The role of Daleel has become larger in recent times with the trend of many to use gift cards, which are expected to reach more than 698 billion dollars in the global market by 2024.

Daleel Store also supports users with prepaid cards for many services that include Google Play, the apple store, as well as local services such as Zain, Careem, Mrsool, and other digital services that come together in one platform with a seamless experience in completing all services.

The Business Directory is a new imprint for the Store Directory, as it has succeeded in establishing local and international partnerships to serve a larger base of users in the Middle East and the world as well, and the number of partnerships for the Business Directory has increased to 80 international brands.

The platform was also able to push services to 17 countries around the world, and the platform succeeded in including 490,000 customers, an increase of 40%.

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