Buzzney Home Shopping Moa Introduces New Telecommuting System

Buzzney (co-representative Nam Sang-hyup, Kim Seong-guk), who operates a mobile home shopping portal app, home shopping group, announced on the 15th that it will introduce a new telecommuting system based on the number of confirmed patients in the metropolitan area.

Since the end of February of last year, Burzhny, which has been operating the telecommuting and autonomous work system five days a week, has established a total of four stages of work policy standards based on the weekly average number of confirmed patients in the metropolitan area, which is the main base of offices and employees.

For the revised standard of the commencement policy, the draft of the social distancing system reorganized, which was released by the government last month, was referenced. First, up to the average of 180 confirmed patients in the metropolitan area during the week go to work 4 days a week and work from home (autonomous) 1 day a week at Level 1. 181 to 388 employees at Level 2 work from 2 days a week and work from home 3 days a week (autonomous), 389 to 777 employees at Level 3 work from home 5 days a week (autonomous), and 778 or more are at Level 4 Proceed.

Every Friday, based on the daily average of confirmed patients in the metropolitan area for the past one week (Fri~Thu), the level of the borrower's attendance policy will be announced throughout the company, and a new telecommuting reform plan will be implemented from the 19th of this month.

Mr. Buzhny's manager of management strategy organization said, we have been working from home for one year, and the biggest achievement above all is that none of the members of Buzhny have been infected with the coronavirus. We have come up with standards, and we plan to improve the system by collecting opinions from members to maximize work efficiency.

Bunny is currently in the process of public recruitment in the first half of 2021. The annual salary was raised to the level of 50 million won based on the initial salary for new recruits in the development profession last year.

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