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BYD Auto Joins Hands to Say “NO” to Cyber Trolls

In a bid to maintain a clean and fair online public opinion space, BYD Auto has announced a joint boycott of cyber trolls. The China Automobile Enterprise Chief Brand Officer Association (CB20) and its member units have jointly launched an initiative to resist the cyber trolls and restore the clarity of the auto industry. The co-sponsors of this initiative include FAW, Dongfeng, Changan, SAIC, BAIC, GAC, Chery, JAC, Great Wall, Geely, BYD, Weilai, Ideal, Xiaopeng, etc.

Internet Trolls Affecting Normal Operation of Enterprises

The chaos of "Internet trolls" still occurs in the auto industry from time to time, affecting the normal operation of enterprises and misleading the public. In recent years, the Central Cyberspace Administration has deployed a series of "clear" special actions in successive years to concentrate on rectifying all kinds of network chaos and focus on solving the chronic diseases that affect the clean ecology of cyberspace, and achieved positive results. However, the chaos of "Internet trolls" still occurs in the auto industry from time to time.

Joint Initiative Against Cyber Trolls in the Automotive Industry

The China Automobile Manufacturers Chief Brand Officers Association (CB20) under the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers and its member units have unanimously decided to jointly launch the "About the Boycott A joint initiative of cyber trolls in the automotive industry”. The initiative aims to jointly maintain a clean and upright online public opinion space and create a fair and just business environment for the auto industry.

Boycott Cyber Trolls and Unfair Competition

The joint initiative by the CB20 includes the following points:

  • Do not participate in or hire cyber trolls to flood negative comments or maliciously smear.

  • Jointly boycott companies that hire online trolls, and jointly boycott service agents that maliciously flood and smear.

  • Resist all acts of unfair competition that fabricate false information, attack and provoke peer relations.

  • Call on the majority of car users to express their opinions rationally in cyberspace, not to be misled by bad information, not to be coerced by trolls.

  • In response to the enterprises and corresponding service agents who employ online trolls to carry out the above-mentioned malicious acts, the Association of Chief Brand Officers of China Automobile Enterprises (CB20) will assist member units to take legal measures to protect their legitimate rights and interests.

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