BYD's new sports car spy photos exposed

With the continuous development of the electric vehicle market, many car companies have ushered in a new round of growth, of which BYD's growth is the most obvious. Several media broke the news that BYD will release a new high-end brand in the fourth quarter of this year. The first model seems to be an off-road vehicle, and the price of the new car will exceed 1 million yuan.

Weibo blogger @penghaoliuhaopeng has exposed the road test spy photos of a new BYD sports car. The photographer said that the spy photos of this sports car were taken in the BYD park. The appearance of the camouflage sticker package is very strict, and the body is very low compared to Qin on the side.

A number of media speculated that the new car may belong to this upcoming "million-level high-end brand", but some bloggers said that the BYD sports car should still be in the workshop at this time, and there is no definite statement.

BYD's high-end brand has previously been determined to be released at the end of this year, and will simultaneously debut its first hard-core off-road model. The high-end brand is positioned as a million-level new energy brand, with a brand-new and independent team in terms of brand, product, sales service network, and operation.

As for the naming of the high-end brand BYD, it is reported that after several rounds of discussions, the name "Starry Sky" is now more inclined.

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