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ByteDance Launches New AI Department

ByteDance has reportedly established a new department called Flow to focus on the AI application layer. The department is headed by ByteDance vice president of technology Hong Dingkun and is being led by ByteDance large model team leader Zhu Wenjia.

The Flow department is said to be in the process of recruiting talent and has already posted recruitment information within Byte. The department stated that they are the AI innovation business team under ByteDance and have already launched two AI dialogue products, Doubao and Cici.

The department also has multiple AI-related innovative products in the process of incubation. It is understood that the establishment of the Flow department is part of a series of business and structural adjustments carried out by ByteDance in early November. These adjustments are still ongoing and the specific structure and reporting relationship of the Flow department have not yet been determined.

A source familiar with the matter revealed that during this adjustment, ByteDance also transferred some personnel from various business units such as Feishu and Douyin to the Flow department to participate in the development of a new C-end product.

ByteDance has been investing heavily in the AI field in recent years and has laid out plans at all levels from the model layer to the application layer. In February this year, 36 Krypton reported that ByteDance began to form a large model team to conduct research and development in two modes: language and image.

The company also launched an AI conversational product called "Grace" in June this year, which was later officially launched as Doubao. The establishment of the Flow department is a clear indication that ByteDance is committed to becoming a leader in the AI field.

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