ByteDance officially launched the social app Party Island

ByteDance recently officially launched the social app Party Island. The slogan of the app is "Party Island, no one is an island". Previously, Party Island has been in the closed beta stage, and now the public beta is officially opened in version 1.3.0.

Party Island is a real-time online event community where players can chat and interact through avatars. Without an invitation code, users can directly register and log in through the promotion link in Douyin.

In Party Island, the bottom navigation bar is divided into four options, namely Island, Events, Calendar, and My. On the island page, players can see friend applications, system messages, online status of contacts and chat information of other players, etc. It is worth mentioning that Party Island supports the creation of group chats.

On the activity page, players can join different categories of activities such as chat activities, video activities, and so on. Events will display the start time and number of people online, and events that have not started can also be booked. In the film and television activities, there will be a small window on the upper part of the mobile phone to play the video, and most of the pages are park scenes. In the park, different players are shown in a virtual form, and they can communicate with other players by voice or text. At the same time, there is an interactive button at the bottom right of the page. It is expected that players can use this button to perform operations such as cooking a fire, sitting on a park bench, etc.

Although Party Island tries to distance itself from the Metaverse, from the perspective of the virtual image, real-life community, and online real-time interactive activities it provides, it seems to be building a virtual world that allows multiple people to interact in real-time. .

At present, the layout of ByteDance in the VR/AR field has become increasingly clear. In terms of hardware, ByteDance acquired Pico last year and relies on platforms such as Douyin and for sales. In terms of software and content, ByteDance also recently acquired PoliQ, a startup focusing on virtual social networking.

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