Cadillac Lyriq luxury electric SUV sold out in 19 minutes

19th September, in the United States, began accepting pre-orders for the most striking novelty of the 2023 Cadillac model year - the luxury electric SUV Cadillac Lyriq. And already 19 minutes after the start, the pre-order was closed - all the cars were sold out.

How many cars were offered in the starting version of the Debut Edition is not reported, but it is unlikely that it is about hundreds of thousands. Rather, the volume of the first batch is limited to a couple of tens of thousands of vehicles. In addition, the amount of pre-order is small - it, as in the case of Tesla, was only $ 100.

Recall that the Cadillac Lyriq was presented in 2020, sales started this year, deliveries of the ordered cars are promised by the summer of 2022. The Debut Edition is the richest version of an electric car in terms of equipment: the car has a glass roof, an infotainment system with a 33-inch screen, an AKG sound system with 19 loudspeakers and an active noise cancellation system, an automatic parking system, a digital key, and adaptive cruise control. The car received a traction battery with a capacity of 100 kWh (mileage on one charge - over 480 km) and a power plant with a capacity of 340 hp. For a luxury electric car, the Lyric is surprisingly not very expensive, starting at $ 58,795.

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