Cadillac's pure electric medium and large SUV LYRIQ officially opened the booking

SAIC General Motors Cadillac brand announced that Cadillac's true luxury pure electric medium and large SUV LYRIQ has officially opened for pre-sale. The pre-sale price of the first model rear-drive long-range luxury version is 439,700 yuan. Users can make reservations by paying a deposit of 1190 yuan through the Cadillac IQ Co-Creation App and WeChat Mini Program.

The first batch of car owners who place an order for the acquisition of vehicles before the end of April 2022 will also receive 10,000 kilometers of public charging quota, the daily sign-in mileage red envelope in the Cadillac IQ co-creation App, specific body colors, and additional rights for priority delivery. The new cars will be delivered in mid-2022.

LYRIQ is the first model introduced by SAIC General Motors to the Autoneng electric vehicle platform, and it is also the pioneering work of Cadillac's intelligent pure electric transformation. LYRIQ has a length of over 5 meters and a wheelbase of nearly 3.1 meters. It is positioned as a medium and large pure electric SUV. Thanks to the Autoneng electric vehicle platform, LYRIQ's first rear-wheel-drive long-endurance luxury version of CLTC has a cruising range of more than 650 kilometers and supports full life cycle fast charging. It can be charged for 96 kilometers in 10 minutes, meeting the needs of users for intercity travel. Follow-up LYRIQ will also launch a four-wheel-drive version that accelerates from 100 kilometers to no more than 4.9 seconds to enter the luxury pure electric car market with differentiated performance and configuration.

The mass-produced LYRIQ highly restores the design elements of the concept car. The forward-looking styling combines the refinement of the sculpture and the streamlined rhythm to create the elegant body posture of LYRIQ. There are a total of 736 LED light sources on the exterior of the car. The 1.8-meter super large black crystal grille on the front face is one of the most expressive design elements of LYRIQ. It is combined with the streamer star rain in-line LED headlights and streamer flying. Wing LED taillights to present a fascinating and futuristic sensory experience. The 1.83 square meters super large panoramic glass dome extends to the roof spoiler, making the roofline both design aesthetics and aerodynamic performance.

The laser etching pattern runs through the wooden veneer based on the metal film, with 26-color ambient light. Menz’s shield crystal diamond electric control knob, the outer ring of the main knob is made of real aluminum with exquisite knurling process, and the inside is inlaid with a three-dimensional Cadillac logo, presenting a "crystal jewelry" like light-transmitting effect. In addition, there is the waterfowl logo carved on the edge of the dashboard, the exquisite six-way air-conditioning control knob, the "jewel box-like" drawer type storage compartment.

The entire Cadillac LYRIQ series is equipped with the flagship 8155 chip, supporting a 5G connection to ensure smooth and unimpeded human-computer interaction; the standard 33-inch ring-type super retina screen provides 9K ultra-high resolution and can display 1 billion A variety of colors; and is equipped with AKG studio-level high-fidelity sound system with 19 speakers, through Quantum Logic surround sound technology, Acoustic Lens acoustic prism, Unity coaxial composite speaker design, and many other cutting-edge technologies, to create an intelligent immersion for users Luxurious experience.

At the same time, LYRIQ is equipped with a new generation of Super Cruise super assisted driving system, which fully guarantees driving safety through lane-level high-precision maps, millimeter-wave radar, camera triple protection and lights, sound, touch, and OnStar four reminders. Based on more sensitive external environment perception and more precise vehicle control, the system has added driver automatic lane change and command lane change functions, and has OTA iterative upgrade capabilities, which can achieve continuous expansion of use scenarios.

Cadillac LYRIQ relies on the development and test standards far exceeding the national standard, exclusive battery cell formula, seven-core battery thermal management technology, enhanced battery physical protection architecture, and battery cells that have accumulated more than 3.2 million hours of cumulative testing and other stringent tests and protections. LYRIQ The three-electric system meets the highest level of functional safety ASIL-D certification. At the same time, thanks to the Autoneng electric vehicle platform, LYRIQ adopts the industry-leading battery management system, which can realize the wireless connection function, so that the battery pack reduces the wiring harness by 90% while reducing the weight, increasing the volumetric energy density and improving the cruising range. , Bringing a lower failure rate; with a new generation of VIP intelligent electronic architecture, it supports more refined management and iterative upgrades of functions.

In addition, LYRIQ also has a full range of passive and active safety protection. The LYRIQ vehicle is designed in accordance with the highest level of collision standards in China and the United States. The vehicle uses a large amount of hot-formed steel, ultra-high-strength steel, and high-strength steel, accounting for 75% of the body, and the battery pack shell is 99.9%, bringing users Excellent passive safety protection. At the same time, LYRIQ's radar and the camera can monitor the surrounding environment at 360° in real-time. When encountering danger, the active safety assistance system will take emergency braking measures to protect the user's travel safety at all times.

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