Call of Duty Mobile gets a new game mode

The fourth season of the popular mobile shooting game Call of Duty Mobile is nearing completion, but the game will get a new mode called Clan Wars in its fifth season, according to a report by GameRant.

According to the report, the name itself indicates that the different clans in the game will go to war against each other, which is true, only that the wars or matches will be weekly, so, if you haven't created or joined a clan yet, it would be good to do that.

What you have to do in the match is to grab a clan point, which other teams will also compete for, as it will be a team effort, and Clan Wars will be a two-season event, according to the report, and you will get a chance to climb the leaderboards with every match, with plenty of rewards inside. The game is for players who advance on the leaderboard.

There will also be some new trophies, such as the legendary character Ronin, some trophies can only be purchased using clan currency or by earning clan points.

As Call of Duty Mobile tries to stay up-to-date with new seasonal content, which is a good thing, there are still a few high-end mobile shooting titles, and still, Call of Duty Mobile tries to stay afloat in the wide range of mobile games where Some claim that the game is slowly repeated.

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