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Can Google Maps be used without the Internet?


Google Maps is a Google Maps service that helps in easier and faster navigation, as it offers many features, including offline Google Maps, and this is for using maps in areas where there is no poor network coverage or if it is not The user has an internet package.

Using the Google Maps Offline feature, you can download the map for offline use, and once the map is downloaded, you will be able to search and get directions without an internet connection.

Can I use Google Maps without the internet?

Yes, you can use Google Maps without the internet by downloading it to your device's internal storage or SD card.

  • How do I download Google Maps for offline use?

  • On your Android device, open the Google Maps app.

  • Find your destination.

  • Now click on Directions in the lower left part.

  • Moreover, choose your transit method.

  • Click on the white bar at the bottom.

  • Now, click on Save Offline.

Is there a Google Maps application for PC?

Google Maps is an Android app and not available for Windows.

How do I put Google Earth on my desktop?

  • On your computer, click the window button.

  • Search for Google Earth.

  • Right-click and search for properties.

  • Click the shortcut.

  • Click the open file location. You will be redirected to googleearth.exe.

  • Right-click and click on the option Create shortcut.


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