Can the Smart WiFi Earwax Remover Save Your Hearing?

A medical study found that accumulated earwax actively affects how about 10% of people hear at present, and earwax accounts for nearly 8 million medical removals each year, despite the misconception of some that it is impossible As reported by TheNextWeb.

The biggest problem is that even if you use an unsafe instrument like a cotton swab to remove buildup in the auditory canal, wiping often doesn't remove the waxy concentrations, it just pushes the wax deeper into your ear, eventually affecting your hearing, which makes sense considering that You can't see anything you do there.

That's why the Spade Smart Ear wax Remover was created as a smart and safe way to see and remove wax buildup in the ear canals.

It includes a 3MP WiFi sensor camera that feeds a video of what you see in your ear to the free Spade app on your phone.

With this kind of vision, along with the six interiors LED lights that illuminate the path, it is easy to use the replaceable ear-pull attachment not only to gently but virtually surgically remove even the most difficult deposits of wax, in case you're concerned, the degree of control is also controlled. The instrument is fully heated, so it will always be at room temperature inside your ear, even with the lights fully lit.

The Spade is stowed within the 3-in-1 charger, docking, and storage unit, which can help keep the 350mAh battery running for up to 60 days on a single charge.

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