Can we install Windows 11 on any computer with any processor and no TPM?

Microsoft officially unveiled Windows 11 tonight and released an ISO image for everyone to download. However, there are different ways to move from Windows 10 to Windows 11. For example, you can wait for the corresponding update to appear in Windows Update. Or you can use the official Windows 11 Installation Assistant app. And it was in it that an interesting undocumented feature was discovered.

The Windows 7 compatibility mode of the Windows 11 Installation Assistant works wonders: a laptop with an officially unsupported Core i7-6500U suddenly becomes fully compatible with the new OS

It turns out that if you run Windows 11 Installation Assistant in compatibility mode with Windows 7, then the computer will not be tested for compliance with the official system requirements! For example, do you have an old processor or don't have a TPM hardware encryption module? This is not a problem if Windows 11 Installation Assistant is running in compatibility mode with Windows 7. For example, the screenshot above was taken on a laptop with an officially unsupported Core i7-6500U processor. The same laptop does not pass the Windows 11 compatibility check using the official PC Health Check Tool but a little trick with Windows 11 Installation Assistant allows you to install the official version of the latest Microsoft OS on it. Yes, the issue of the release of updates for incompatible PCs with Windows 11 is still open, but at least installing the OS is as easy as shelling pears.

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