Cangnan man cracks the loophole of gambling website

Cangnan police cracked a special online gambling case a few days ago. Zeng made a profit of nearly one million yuan in the past year by taking advantage of loopholes in overseas gambling websites.

According to reports, after graduating from university, Zong failed to start his own business, so he worked with his computer-savvy accomplice Zhou to discuss the feasibility of "screwing wool" on the gambling website. . Every week, they recharge the more than 150 gambling accounts they hold for employees to use, and recharge their gambling funds through virtual currency. On average, Zeng and others can make more than 100,000 yuan per month.

According to Cangnan police, in June 2022, the Cangnan County Public Security Bureau found through clues that many people in Cangnan County and Longgang City used overseas gambling app software to illegally profit from it. According to the needs of the case investigation, the Cangnan County Public Security Bureau immediately set up a special task force and deployed various police forces such as the Network Security Brigade and the Security Management Brigade to focus on tackling the case. On June 28, 2022, the task force organized the police force to collect the network in a unified manner based on the preliminary research and judgment of the case and the implementation of the case. A total of 7 criminal suspects were arrested, and a large number of mobile phones, computers, account books, etc., were seized at the arrest site, and the funds involved in the case were seized. nearly 100 million yuan.

Through data analysis, information research and judgment, and other investigation methods, the task force has mastered the criminal gang's mode of crime, personnel organization structure, gambling platforms involved in the case, and fund transaction channels, and obtained more than 150 related gambling website accounts and virtual currency wallet accounts. More than 150 platforms were found, and 3 overseas gambling platforms were found, involving nearly 100 million yuan in gambling capital.

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