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Cao Cao’s Travel Patent Can Determine Whether Online Ride-Hailing is Falsely Positioned

Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Co., Ltd. and Hangzhou Youxing Technology Co., Ltd., an affiliate of Cao Cao Travel, have recently applied for a patent for “Judgment Methods, Systems, Electronic Devices, and Storage Media for False Positioning of Online Car Hailing.” The patent aims to prevent drivers from using false positioning software to enter popular areas in advance to queue up to grab orders or to avoid low-price orders by forging location information far away from the starting point of the order and contacting passengers to proactively cancel the order.

The patent describes a method that includes obtaining the current location information of the online car-hailing service, extracting the identification of the online car-hailing service from the current location information, obtaining the historical location information of the online car-hailing service based on the identification of the online car-hailing service, and combining the historical location information and the current location information. The combined information is then input into a pre-built false location recognition model to obtain false location recognition results. The recognition results are then compared to preset false location judgment conditions. If the recognition results meet the judgment conditions, then the online car-hailing car is determined to be falsely positioned.

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