Carmakers still lack components in August

As the new car market slowly returned to normal after the coronavirus pandemic, another blow came - a shortage of components. In addition to the missing chips, it turned out that some insulating materials are missing. The shortage manifested itself in the field of new car registrations for the first time last month, but now, according to SDA data, it has deepened even more, so the second holiday month this year was weaker than last year's pandemic.

A total of 16,449 new cars were registered in August, which is only less than one percent, but still less than in the same month last year, when 16,611 cars were registered. If we compare this August with that in 2019 when 25 cars were registered. 026, a decrease of 34%.

The decrease, in this case, is mainly due to the delayed delivery of new cars due to the already mentioned shortage of some parts. Several car manufacturers had to reduce production, or almost finished cars are waiting for missing parts. This, of course, rapidly extends the waiting time for new cars.

Category of passenger cars as of August 2021
Category of passenger cars as of August 2021

Otherwise, the composition of the car market does not deviate in any way from the usual standard. With a large lead and a share of 34.64%, Škoda is still the leader in 8 months of this year, followed by Hyundai, Volkswagen, Toyota, Kia, Mercedes-Benz, Peugeot, Ford, Seat, and Dacia.

More than 43% of newly registered cars fall into the SUV class and the number of new diesel cars is still falling, which is logically due to their withdrawal from the market due to emissions. This year, diesel already has only about a quarter of the share, in August it was even only a fifth.

The share of hybrid and plug-in hybrid cars is increasing, but electric cars are still on the ground. Although 178 registered electric cars in August mean a small increase compared to last August (103 cars), even this year's 1,604 cars will not make any big difference. In its press release, the SDA mentions that the numbers of newly registered electric cars on a European scale are very low and that Czechia is one of the EU countries with the lowest number of electric cars.

Even motorcycles do not break records due to delayed delivery

Delays in the supply chain were reflected even in the otherwise successful L category - the motorcycles, ATVs, and tricycles. There were 2,348 registered in August, which is a tenth less than last year. Despite this, however, this year's registrations in the period January-August are still 5.62% higher than last year's. And that was last year's pandemic year, for which 21,518 motorcycles were registered, the strongest since 2008.

Motorcycle category as of August 2021
Motorcycle category as of August 2021

Honda, which sells a large number of city scooters, has long been in the L category with a share of 19.4%. It is followed by Yamaha, CFMoto, BMW, Piaggio, KTM, Kentoya, Hecht, Kawasaki and Linhai. As far as volume classes are concerned, the class up to 125 cm 3, which includes even small scooters, has the largest share of 30.47%. On the other hand, there is also interest in large motorcycles - the class over 800 cm 3 has a very decent share of 18.47% in itself.

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