Carrier Command 2 is a sequel to the 1988 game

If we don't have real game veterans among our readers, few people will probably remember Carrier Command, a strategy game from 1988 created by the Realtime Games studio and which was gradually released on Amiga, Atari ST, MS-DOS, Commodore 64, or ZX Spectrum. However, getting to know more players could remember the Carrier Command: Gaea Mission project from Bohemia Interactive, which functioned as a kind of remake or spiritual successor to the original. However, Gaea Mission, released in 2012, did not make a big hole in the world, so the Carrier Command brand disappeared again for years to come. Until Microprose revived it with a full-fledged second volume.

Carrier Command 2 has been available on Steam since last week, promising a similar concept to the original game and Gaea Mission, except that the creators from the Geometa team do not solve the game from Bohemia Interactive and try to follow only the original form 1988. This corresponds to the simple title of the title, as well as the relatively simple graphic page.

In short, the game is aimed at veterans who want nothing more than to take control of a futuristic cruiser, send several types of air and amphibious vehicles from it, and use them to conquer islands, in the fight against artificial intelligence and other players. Not only from the rather positive user reviews on Steam, however, but it can also be read that this is primarily a multiplayer game, in which it pays to have as many live players as possible, due to the lack of artificial intelligence. Many customers do not like the high price, set at 41.99 euros (temporarily, the game on Steam is available with a 20% discount).

In any case, Carrier Command 2 promises players a combination of strategy, planning, teamwork, and vehicle simulation, which depends primarily on your decision-making and skills in conquering the entire archipelago. You can obtain information from the radar of the vehicles you send, attack enemies in various ways, use and defend resources and thus maintain the supply line. There is also a traditional opportunity to take control of individual vehicles, which you send from the cruiser into battle.

There is also support for virtual reality, but so far it is accompanied by very negative reactions. Overall, for the time being, the full-fledged continuation of the Carrier Commando from 1988 seems to be a title intended for a very specific target group, on which, however, there is still room for improvement. Which, after all, could be said of Carrier Command: Gaea Mission, as evidenced, for example, by our prehistoric review. At least the soundtrack was beautiful.

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