Cars equipped with Intel's Mobileye L4 autonomous driving solution are tested in the United States

Intel's Mobileye announced that the self-driving car equipped with Mobileye Drive has started road testing in Detroit, and the project has entered a new stage. This is also the first time Mobileye's L4 autonomous driving solution has been launched on American roads. Over the past few years, Mobileye has carried out a self-driving car testing program. Data shows that so far, the self-driving cars developed by Mobileye have entered about 20 cities in ten countries on three continents.

Mobileye said that the Mobileye Drive on the NIO ES8 SUV test model combines its unique solutions for autonomous driving and the mass production experience of providing driver assistance systems for nearly 120 million vehicles. The system includes True Redundancy, Road Network Information Management (REM) crowdsourced mapping technology, and Responsibility Sensitive Safety Model (RSS) driving strategies.

According to reports, Mobileye's previous test vehicles use either pure vision or a combination of lidar and radar alone, while the commercial version of Mobileye Drive is equipped with both sets of sensing hardware: 11 cameras, 6 radars, and 3 long-range sensors. A 360-degree sensing technology suite of lidar and 6 short-range lidars, all powered by the EyeQ chip.

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