Cars from Tesla, Lexus, BYD Auto, and other companies now support control from smartwatches Oppo

Oppo has announced partnerships with various automotive brands including BYD Auto, Tesla, Lexus, and more. We are talking about the emergence of the ability to control automotive systems using smartwatches Oppo Watch 2.

The Oppo Watch 2 smartwatch can now not only replace car keys, but also remotely control the car's climate control system, open the trunk, and even check the charge level and remaining power reserve.

BYD Auto recently released an update to its car app, adding NFC control for car systems. In addition, Oppo is also partnering with other Chinese car brands to add related functionality. At the moment, the control of car systems through the Oppo Watch 2 smartwatch is supported by more than 500 car models of the aforementioned companies.

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