Changes occur in the bodies of astronauts on their journeys away from Earth


Astronauts revealed the changes that occurred in their bodies as a result of space travel, and British astronaut Tim Peake explained the flu-like symptoms he suffered after his flight away from Earth.

Many astronauts notice that they gain height after returning home from space, and the longer the distance, the longer they grow, and in 2018, Japanese astronaut Norishige Kanai revealed that he grew almost an inch after spending only three weeks on the International Space Station.

Increased length, caused by the absence of gravity, as the absence of gravity allows the vertebrae in the spine to diverge, which increases the length.

Beck explained that although astronauts may not notice the change, there are some sensations that they feel immediately, noting that the feeling of weightlessness is noticeable immediately after the seat belt is removed.

Beck explained that weightlessness may make you feel like you have the flu, and he may also feel like you are bending a lot, due to the lack of gravity, which is an unusual feeling.

Beck said, you feel the effects of weightlessness right away. The moment the main energy is cut off, you go into a state of weightlessness, you feel the shift in your body fluids, you have facial swelling, your nose is a little bit blocked, and you can feel the pressure inside the skull increase. It's like you've got a cold or the flu, and when you get out of the spacecraft and are allowed to float naturally, you feel your shoulders are more curved.

Fluids in the body also tend to move up, because gravity does not pull them down, which means there is more pressure on the eyes, which may lead to vision problems.

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