Chery has created a cheap electric car with a range of 200 km


Chery is preparing to launch a new low-cost electric vehicle for youth, which was jointly developed by Chery Holding Group, Chery New Energy, and Shandong Qihe County.

The car called Costin EC1 is based on the Chery eQ1, while the novelty has increased compared to the original model. The length of the machine is 3226 with a width of 1676 mm and a height of 1556 mm. The wheelbase Costin EC1 is 2150 mm. Chery eQ1 has dimensions of 3200 x 1670 x 1550 mm.

It is known that the Costin EC1 will be powered by a single 34 hp electric motor. A full battery charge will last for about 200 km, but the exact capacity of the battery has not been reported.

The source reports that Costin EC1 is already in the certification stage, and the start of mass production of the electric vehicle is scheduled for September this year. Presumably, its price will not exceed $ 5,000.

Recall that this is how much the new electric car of the Chery QQ family should cost, which will become available for pre-order in China on August 24.

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