Chery releases GENE concept car and new intelligent flight cockpit

The "Yaoguang 2025 Chery Technology DAY" theme event held yesterday, Chery displayed a number of black technologies and a vision concept car, and officially launched the "Yaoguang 2025" forward-looking technology strategy .

The "Yaoguang 2025" forward-looking technology strategy covers the four core areas of Mars Architecture, Kunpeng Power, Lion Technology, and Galaxy Ecology . Based on this, Chery said it will make every effort to build 13 core technologies including platform architecture, three electrics, intelligent driving, Zhiyun platform and ecological partners. Chery's "Yaoguang Laboratory" was also launched simultaneously at the conference to develop and tackle related technologies.

Chery pointed out that in order to achieve the above goals, it plans to invest 100 billion+ billion in R&D in the next five years , cultivate 20,000+ R&D talents, and establish 300 Yaoguang laboratories to support cross-science and cross-border technology research. In addition, Chery will simultaneously deploy six R&D centers including Wuhu, Shanghai, North America, South America, Europe, and Central Asia, with global integrated management to fully support the realization of Yaoguang 2025 plan.

In the "new energy" and "black technology" exhibition areas, Chery's new intelligent hybrid architecture, multi-functional skateboard platform, intelligent flight cockpit, EEA5.0 and other technologies were unveiled together. Among them, the intelligent flight cockpit is a new generation of intelligent cockpit newly developed by Chery .

According to reports, the interior of the cockpit adopts Chery's original two-seat Nebula cockpit layout with variable wheelbase. platoon occupant interaction. At the same time, the cockpit also uses super-large OLED screen technology with a thickness of 7mm , breaking through technical pain points such as installation thickness and the inability to customize display images.

At this conference, Chery's GENE concept car also met with the public . Chery said that GENE conceptually connects the Metaverse with future cars, supplemented by Chery's self-developed Galaxy ecosystem, equipped with many black technologies, with forward-looking design concepts and a full sense of future technology.

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