Chevrolet Bolt electric car will not resume production before December 6th

The first batch of LG battery packs in the Chevrolet Bolt electric vehicles under General Motors had serious defects, and there was a risk of overheating and fire. To this end, GM launched a large-scale recall campaign, the total is expected to reach 141,000, at the same time, LG Group bears all losses.

Although GM said that the new version of Bolt has been launched with a safer battery, foreign media SlashGear reported that GM has decided to extend the shutdown time of this car again to December 6th, because during this period it will make every effort to replace the battery for the recalled vehicle.

In addition, during the production suspension, General Motors will focus on optimizing battery production, supply chain, and logistics. The obstacle that the company currently needs to overcome is how to provide vehicle owners with transitional vehicles for temporary use during the recall period. The company plans to complete the recall before the car resumes production.

GM said it will continue to adjust the production plan of the Orion plant to support the recall. There are still some unsold Bolt models on the market, but they need to be re-certified before they can be sold.

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