Chevrolet Bolt EV battery release resumed

General Motors (GM) has outlined a comprehensive plan of action to address the Chevy Bolt EV problem that has caused it to cease production and recall more than 73,000 vehicles. LG's battery factories in Holland and Hazel Park, Michigan have resumed production. Moreover, LG is expanding its production to increase the supply of GM cells. New battery modules will begin shipping to dealers in mid-October. The reason for the fires, which GM reads 10, is called a rare combination of two manufacturing defects in one cell.

LG is said to have implemented new manufacturing processes and worked with GM to revise and improve its quality control programs. These processes are planned to be implemented in all enterprises that will supply GM cells.

In the meantime, GM will inform owners of Chevy Bolt EVs and EUVs most likely to be defective about the availability of modules for replacement. New batteries will be covered by an extended warranty of 8 years or 160,000 km (whichever comes first).

In about 60 days, GM will begin releasing new advanced diagnostic software. It will be designed to detect certain deviations that could indicate battery damage in Bolt and EUV electric vehicles by monitoring their performance. The software will notify users of any detected anomalies and allow them to prioritize the replacement of damaged battery modules. GM hopes that over time, the diagnostic software will allow it to return to 100% charging (currently the maximum charge level is limited to reduce the risk of fire). The installation of the new software, which will be provided to all Bolt EV and EUV owners, is the responsibility of the dealers.

For now, GM recommends setting the charge limit to 90%. You can do this by your dealer or by following the instructions at It is recommended to charge the car more often and, if possible, avoid discharging below the level corresponding to approximately 110 km. It is recommended to park the car outside the garage immediately after charging, and do not leave the car charging indoors overnight.

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