China: 10 100 devices for mining cryptocurrencies were confiscated from miners

Despite the fact that a complete ban on mining has been in effect in China for several months, not all cryptocurrency miners wanted to transport equipment to other countries - some chose to continue their activities in the country illegally. However, large farms cannot be hidden like an awl in a sack - they are quite easy to calculate by their energy consumption, and caring people can point to a place where forbidden (for some time now) activities are carried out. This is exactly what happened with one large farm located in the Bayan-Nur urban district of the Inner Mongolia region.

Interestingly, the farm was located in the Small and Medium Business Development Park, a special zone that, as a rule, has tax and rental benefits. The authorities seized 10,100 "mining machines". Most likely, we are talking about ASIC systems, but surely the farm also included a lot of video cards. All equipment reportedly consumed about 1104 kWh of energy.

Inner Mongolia was one of the first Chinese regions to be affected by the cryptocurrency mining ban. Within the Inner Mongolia Development and Reform Commission, a platform for complaints against miners has been created, and an interdepartmental mechanism has been developed to respond to such complaints. The result of the Commission's work is 45 closed farms of various sizes and theoretical savings of 6.58 billion kWh of electricity per year, which is approximately equivalent to burning 2 million tons of coal.

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