China: A new technology project for suborbital transportation has been established

According to the release of the China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology, recently, the official website of the National Natural Science Foundation of China released the "Notice on the 2022 National Natural Science Foundation of Centralized Receiving Project Evaluation Results", which was researched and developed by the Rocket Academy. The project "General Design and Control Technology of Suborbital Long-Range Aerospace Transportation System" led by the Ministry of Finance passed the review and received support the project. This is the first key aerospace project in the history of the Transportation and Vehicle Engineering discipline of the Department of Engineering and Materials Science of the National Natural Science Foundation of China. For the first time, aerospace has also been included in the key development direction of transportation and transportation engineering disciplines.

The suborbital long-distance air and space transportation system comprehensively utilize the ultra-micro resistance characteristics of space altitude and the convenience of lift take-off and gliding landing in the atmosphere to realize long-distance extreme speed transportation. It has the characteristics of mission characteristics such as domain, wide speed domain, long voyage, large carrying capacity, many times of repeated use, high-reliability requirements, lift take-off, gliding landing, and so on.

After the system is put into use, it will have an hour-level intercontinental arrival capability, which can give birth to new industries such as one-hour global high-speed transportation and popular space tourism, promote the development of China's strategic emerging industries, and vigorously promote the development of science and technology, aerospace technology innovation, and human transportation modes. Reform, facing the country's major needs, the main economic battlefield, and the world's scientific and technological frontiers, supports the construction of China's scientific and technological power, aerospace power, and transportation power, and has practical social, technological, economic, and other application values.

This project is not only an important manifestation of the Rocket Academy's focus on basic scientific research and original innovation but also a manifestation of the strength of the Rocket Academy. It will lay a solid foundation for the development of the Academy's future long-distance air and space transportation and is expected to further promote the flight of our aerospace transportation system. development to realize the deep integration of aerospace and transportation.

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