China: Accelerate the release of the consumption potential of green smart home appliances

The State Council executive meeting was held on July 13, deploying policies and measures to stabilize and expand jobs to ensure the overall stability of employment; multiple measures are required to expand consumption, and to determine support for green intelligence Measures for the consumption of household appliances.

The meeting pointed out that expanding consumption is not only conducive to improving people's living standards, but also driving employment, investment, and industrial upgrading. We must focus on expanding consumption through market-oriented and sustainable methods.

It is necessary to accelerate the release of the consumption potential of green smart home appliances. Carry out home appliance trade-in and home appliances to the countryside across the country, and encourage qualified localities to provide financial and policy support. In the implementation, it is necessary to maintain a unified and open national market and ensure fair competition. Support the development of recycling and utilization of waste household appliances, and improve the support capacity of information networks, electricity, and other infrastructure for household appliance consumption.

The website of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology mentioned the active promotion of green smart home appliances when responding to proposal No. 6894 of the Fifth Session of the 13th National People's Congress. Guide industry associations to carry out trade-in activities for home appliances, organize e-commerce platforms to carry out consumer promotion activities such as the "Double Product Online Shopping Festival", and promote upgraded consumption of home appliances. Research and formulate relevant policies for the innovation and development of the home furnishing industry, and expand the supply of green, smart and healthy homes.

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