China: Chief designer of the CR929 has now been confirmed


At the 2022 World Design Capital Conference, Wu Guanghui, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, chief scientist of Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China, and chief designer of the C919 large passenger aircraft series revealed that CR929 has now been confirmed. For the overall technical plan of the aircraft, the supplier of the fuselage and tail structure sections was selected, and the preliminary design was officially transferred.

Wu Guanghui said that the composite material ratio of CR929 medium and long-range wide-body passenger aircraft is 51%, which can cover 95% of the route operation needs, and the economy of typical flight segments is more than 10% better than that of competing aircraft. In 2016, the project signed a government agreement for this aircraft, and in 2017, a joint venture company was formed and named CR929. At present, the overall technical plan of the aircraft has been determined, and the supplier of the fuselage and tail structure sections has been selected and officially transferred to the preliminary design.

The CR929 is a long-range wide-body passenger aircraft jointly developed by Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China, Ltd. and Russia United Airlines Manufacturing Corporation. CR is the English initials of the two countries. On September 29, 2017, China-Russia International Commercial Aircraft Co., Ltd. (CRAIC) held an official launch ceremony for the naming of the wide-body passenger aircraft project at COMAC. On November 6, 2018, at the 12th China International Aviation and Aerospace Expo, the prototype of the CR929 long-range wide-body passenger aircraft was unveiled.

According to Wu Guanghui, COMAC currently has three product lineages, namely regional jet airliner ARJ2I (seat class: 78-90, range: 2225-3700km) and large passenger aircraft C919 (seat class: 156-168, range: 4075-5555km), Sino-Russian long-range wide-body passenger aircraft CR929 (seat class: 280, Range: 12,000km).

Up to now, 75 ARJ21 aircraft have been delivered and 616 aircraft have been ordered, connecting 110 cities, opening 263 routes, operating safely for more than 165,000 hours, and transporting more than 5.3 million passengers.

The C919 large passenger aircraft is a short-to-medium-range commercial trunkline jet developed by my country with independent intellectual property rights. It successfully made its first flight on May 5, 2017, and obtained its first type inspection approval on November 27, 2020. August 2022 The certification test flight was completed on the 1st. So far, it has obtained 28 customers and accumulated orders for 815 aircraft and strives to deliver the first aircraft in 2022. On August 1, 2022, COMAC announced that the domestic large aircraft had completed the forensic test flight, marking that the C919 forensic work had officially entered the final stage and began to charge for the forensics.

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