China Energy Crisis: Suppliers Apple, Tesla, and Others Suspend Production

New details have emerged about the shutdown of production at various Chinese factories, among which were not only Apple suppliers but also Tesla and other companies. We have already reported that some iPhone 13 component suppliers have stopped production.

A number of key suppliers Apple and Tesla have confirmed they have stopped production on Sunday to help the country cope with the power outages. In addition to previously reported Yisheng Precision Industry and Xinxing Electronics, Unimicron Know-how Corp has confirmed that its subsidiaries in China had to shut down production from noon on September 26 to midnight on September 30 to adjust to local government power restrictions.

Eson Precision Engineering, a subsidiary of Foxconn, said it has suspended production Sunday through Friday at its facilities in the Chinese metropolis of Kunshan. iPhone speaker supplier Concraft Holding has suspended production for 5 days until Thursday afternoon and will try to make the most of its stock.

Analysts point out that the current electricity shortage in China is caused by a shortage of coal and tightening emission requirements. The shutdown in factories is expected to jeopardize supply chain continuity during the Christmas season for a variety of electronics, including the iPhone 13 and other devices.

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