China: Fuxing Train of the Yangtze River Delta Railway will gradually implement the "Railway Free"

According to the release of the Yangtze River Delta Railway, from August 16th, the Yangtze River Delta Railway will gradually implement the "railway travel" scanning service on the attached CR300 and CR400 Fuxing trains. Passengers scan the right side of the seat. With the QR code on the handrail, you can inquire about train operation information, and enjoy convenient services such as catering purchases, ticket replacement, and seat upgrades.

It is reported that the railway travel code collects the relevant information of the trains that passengers take together, and you can scan the code to see the train number, date, carriage number, seat number, departure and arrival station name, train timetable, and arrival station. Weather conditions, schedule information, train tracks, etc.

The railway travel code also integrates the most commonly used service functions in the 12306 App, such as ticket replacement and seat upgrade, catering services, lost items search, business seat services, key passengers, epidemic prevention and control, problem feedback, questionnaires, and suggestions, information services, and Changxing Mall. Open the WeChat 12306 applet, and click "Railway" to go directly to this page.

At present, Shanghai Passenger Section, Nanjing Passenger Section, Hangzhou Passenger Section, Hefei Passenger Section, China Railway Travel Service Co., Ltd., and other relevant units are preparing for the pasting of QR codes on train seat armrests, system improvement, software upgrades, personnel training, and system debugging. Work. Other EMUs (including Fuxing CR200J power-concentrated EMUs) attached to China Railway Shanghai Bureau Group Co., Ltd. temporarily maintain the original code scanning service mode.

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