China is building the largest offshore wind turbine

In China, they are completing the construction of not only the most modern wind tunnel but also the world's largest offshore wind generator.

MingYang Smart Energy's MySE 16.0-242 turbine will be 264 m high with a rotor diameter of 242 m. Each blade, of which there will be three, will be 118 m long. This will generate 16 MW of power, enough to power 20,000 households. The prototype will be installed in 2023, with commercial production starting a year later.

Despite its gigantic size and status as the largest and most powerful offshore wind turbine, in the near future, MySE 16.0-242 will not be much larger than other similar developments. For example, GE Renewable Energy's Haliade-X turbine will have a height of 260 m and 107-meter blades with power up to 14 MW, while Vestas and Siemens GRE are working on similar units with a capacity of 15 MW.

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