China issued a five-star certificate for comprehensive performance of cloud mobile phone platform

According to the official news of Taier Laboratory, recently, Tianyi Cloud Mobile Phone V1.0 of Tianyi Cloud Technology Co., Ltd. passed the "FG-Z14-013-01 Cloud Mobile Phone" of China Taier Laboratory Mobile Phone Platform Comprehensive Capability Evaluation" evaluation test and successfully obtained the five-star certificate for the comprehensive performance of the cloud mobile phone platform.

The official said that China Taier Laboratory launched the evaluation work of the cloud mobile phone platform for operators, cloud computing manufacturers, etc., according to "FG-Z14-013-01 Cloud Mobile Platform Comprehensive Capability Evaluation Plan", from service capabilities, control capabilities, and video push The six dimensions of capability, application scenario performance, cloud phone performance, and compatibility put forward requirements for the cloud phone platform, and make a graded evaluation. The five-star product has excellent performance.

After evaluation, Tianyi Cloud Mobile V1.0 has an excellent performance in the six dimensions of service capability, control capability, video push capability, application scenario performance, cloud mobile phone performance, and compatibility, reaching the evaluation of a "Five-star product with comprehensive performance of cloud mobile phone platform" level requirements.

A cloud phone refers to a virtual phone deployed on a cloud server, which can be controlled remotely through an App/Web. The functions of a cloud phone are basically the same as those of a mobile phone. operating environment, cloud storage space, and network environment. Cloud mobile phones are widely used in the field of Internet pan-entertainment, covering games, music, film and television, e-commerce, logistics, intelligent hosting, monitoring, and other aspects.

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