China launches a unique satellite into space

On Monday morning, China succeeded in launching another satellite into space, which it will use for meteorology and observation of the Earth's surface. According to Chinese media, the Chinese Fengyun-3E satellite was launched this morning from Jiuquan Center in Gansu Province, at 7:28 local time.

A Chinese Long March-4C space rocket was used to send the moon into Earth orbits. This mission was the 377th launch of Long March rockets into space.

According to the available information, the aforementioned satellite was developed by the Shanghai Academy of Space Sciences, and it is the first satellite of the world's first meteorological satellite for the civil service that will be sent into the dawn of dusk orbit, to fill the gap in global monitoring data.

This satellite is supposed to work in Earth’s orbits for 8 years, and to be used to monitor the Earth’s atmosphere temperature, forecast the weather on the surface of our planet, monitor snow and ice cover on Earth, as well as use it to monitor environmental and natural disasters, and monitor the effects of the Earth’s ionosphere.

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