China launches first artificial intelligence satellite assembly line

The China Geospatial Corporation has announced the launch of the first small-scale satellite assembly line, using artificial intelligence technologies.

This was reported on May 14 by the Chinese newspaper, China Daily, which said that the smart factory for satellite production is located in the city of Ohan in central China, and is able to produce 240 satellites each year weighing less than one ton.

The operation of the new assembly line will allow us to provide time for the production of satellites and reduce the number of workers and engineers in the factory, said Lui Dunming, head of the China Geospatial Corporation branch, who undertook the realization of the project. By 40%.

He said that the production facility of the Ohan base of the China Geospatial Corporation occupies an area of ​​68.8 square kilometers. About 100 different factories are located in the production complex, which each year can launch products valued at 30 billion yuan (equivalent to about 4.6 billion dollars). The production complex is specialized primarily in the production of inexpensive missiles, in particular the Kwai Joe solid-propellant missile.

It is noteworthy that the Chinese Aerospace Corporation had announced earlier that China will launch this year at least 40 space missiles, and thus will set a national record. In the future, it is expected that the aforementioned indicator will increase to a large extent thanks to the launch of special space missiles.

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