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China: Microsoft Store has once again opened the Xbox Series X National Bank lottery purchase event

For a long time, Microsoft’s Xbox Series X National Bank has been out of stock, and Microsoft will occasionally come up with some goods for players across the country to buy by lottery. On August 18, Microsoft opened a limited edition of 40 units. In the lottery purchase activity, the number of people participating in the lottery reached 48,052, and the winning rate was 0.08%. Today, Microsoft has opened a new round of lottery purchases.

This Xbox Series X National Bank Lottery Purchase Event is limited to 30 units in the Microsoft Official Mall. The subscription time is 2022.9.21 9:00~2022.9.26 08:59, and the lottery time is 2022.9.26 9:00. The event is limited to the Microsoft Official Mall WeChat applet. After winning the lottery, the user must complete the purchase order before 23:59 on September 27, 2022. If the user fails to purchase in time, it will be regarded as giving up the qualification and will not be replenished.

The next-generation Xbox console of the National Bank was released on May 14 last year, with the Xbox Series X priced at 3,899 yuan and the Xbox Series S at 2,399 yuan. Currently, the Xbox Series S is available for purchase, but the Xbox Series X has been out of stock.

Microsoft Xbox Series X is equipped with AMD's custom APU, Zen2 CPU + RDNA2 GPU, and the graphics card is 52 sets of CUs, that is, 3328 stream processors. The memory/video memory capacity is 16GB GDDR6, equipped with 1TB custom NVME SSD, expandable storage 1TB expansion card, performance target is 4K 60fps, up to 120fps.

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