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China reveals the stages of establishing the joint lunar station with Russia

China announced during the special offers to revive the Chinese Space Day, which was held last Saturday, that the establishment of the joint lunar science station with Russia will be in three phases until 2035.

Based on these shows, which were held in Nanjing, the American space website space news notes that it plans to complete the first phase in 2025, which includes the launch of the two Russian landing stations Luna-25 (in 2021) and Luna-27 (in 2025) and the station. Orbital Luna-26 to the Moon (in 2024).

According to the RT website, based on the information that these stations will send, experts will determine the location of the construction of the lunar scientific station at the south pole of the moon.

It plans to implement the second phase during the years 2026-2030, and includes the launch of the Russian Luna-28 vehicle (in 2027) and the Chinese landing station "Chang'e-8" (in 2028). This stage is considered the beginning of the construction of the scientific station, and the third stage During the years 2030-2035.

It should be noted that the Sino-Russian Joint Science Lunar Station is a complex for research and experiments on the surface of the moon and in its orbit, and is dedicated to multidisciplinary and multi-purpose research work, including study and use of the moon, basic research experiments and technology verification with the possibility of operating without A crew for the long term and a future human presence on the moon.

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