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China's completely self-developed aerospace "artificial heart" has been approved for listing

On July 13, China's first fully autonomous technology was developed by Aerospace Taixin Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Aerospace Taixin), a key technology enterprise in Tianjin Economic and Technological Development Zone. The artificial heart "Rocket Heart" with intellectual property rights - HeartCon implantable left ventricular assist system (hereinafter referred to as "Rocket Heart") was successfully approved for marketing, and obtained the national third-class medical device product registration certificate.

According to reports, the artificial heart has completely independent intellectual property rights and is a left ventricular assist product that is completely independently developed and produced, and independently controllable. Up to now, HeartCon ranks first in the number of implants among similar products in China and has completed 50 clinical trials of artificial hearts.

Heart failure is a rapidly growing heart disease, and is the end-stage manifestation of many types of cardiovascular diseases. Some data show that there are 16 million heart failure patients conservatively estimated in my country, of which end-stage heart failure patients account for 5-7%, and it is still increasing. Traditional treatment of end-stage heart failure has poor outcomes and high mortality. Although heart transplantation is a better treatment, it is far from meeting the needs of patients due to the severe shortage of heart donors. The number of heart transplants in China is only about 500 per year, and a large number of patients die while waiting. With the emergence of durable and reliable mechanical assisted circulation devices, left ventricular assist devices (LVAD) have become an effective new treatment for patients with end-stage heart failure. , has been widely used in foreign countries, and has become a new choice for the majority of patients with heart failure.

Aerospace Taixin Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to providing a full-cycle mechanical circulatory support treatment plan for patients with heart failure. Using 50 years of technical accumulation in aerospace rocket servo control, the HeartCon implantable left ventricular assist system has a small size, With the characteristics of lightweight, low-temperature rise, good hemolysis, and stable quality, all technical indicators have reached the international first-class level. In 2013, the experimental sheep "Tianjiu" survived healthy for 120 days, setting five firsts, including the longest survival record in China. In 2018, the product passed the special approval for innovative medical devices.

China Aerospace Science and Technology Group said that the artificial heart is " affordable, reliable and easy to use ", and we can look forward to the evaluation of patients after the launch.

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