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China: Spy photos of Gaohe Automobile’s first joint model exposed

Car blogger @长yanCY posted spy photos of the "million-level flagship model" that Gaohe Automobile had previously warmed up. The pictures show that the car is still covered with a layer of car clothing in most cases and is expected to be shipped to the Guangzhou Auto Show booth as a show car during this period. However, the actual car pictures leaked at the scene will definitely not be as simple as the picture above. Another picture with the car cover slightly lifted shows that this new car is based on the HiPhi Z model, but compared with the existing HiPhi Z model, in addition to its wide body and low-lying stance, it also has very large rear wheel arches and tail wings. You can feel the performance attributes of this car through the car cover.

Gaohe Automobile had previously warmed up this "million-level" joint product many times, and the official also released a warm-up poster with the slogan "Top Evolution, Accelerate From This". Earlier, Gaohe had warmed up this mysterious new car like this: "Our pursuit is Aim high! The next champion is already in place! A million-level super flagship, see you at the Guangzhou Auto Show! " According to the process, this new car will make its debut on November 15th and then be displayed at the Guangzhou Auto Show.

Prior to Gaohe's new car, there are also high-performance products targeting the "million-level" market such as Ji Krypton 001 FR and GAC Aion Haobo Hyper SSR, as well as BYD's high-end brand that debuted at the beginning of this year and looks up to its " Supercar” looks up to U9.

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