China: The second AG600M Kunlong completed its first flight test today

According to the Information from the aviation industry official today, the second large-scale fire fighting/water rescue amphibious aircraft AG600M "Kunlong" independently developed by the aviation industry completed its first flight test at Jinwan Airport in Zhuhai, Guangdong.

According to the aviation industry, a total of 4 new configuration fire extinguishers have been developed and put into production, and the AG600M in this flight test is the second of this type of aircraft.

The aircraft completed the cross-docking of the fuselage and the wings and the docking of the tail on March 31, completed the power-on inspection and debugging of the joint whole aircraft system on July 31, completed the first engine test run on August 15, and passed the first flight on September 6. Reviewed, and finally achieved the first flight test.

The AG600M aircraft will continue to carry out scientific research flight tests such as water injection and water injection, and water injection and water injection. The aviation industry expects the third and fourth AG600M aircraft to fly for the first time in November this year and early next year, respectively.

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