China: Three-dimensional sound was used for broadcast

At 8 pm on September 10th, the 2022 CCTV Mid-Autumn Festival Gala will be broadcast on multiple CCTV channels, and now the official program list has been announced. According to the official introduction, this party will focus on the moon culture of the Mid-Autumn Festival, and it will be divided into three chapters, "Zhao Jiang Yue Zhao", "Mountains and Rivers Bright Moon" and "Bright Moon Qianqiu". The program integrates the traditional customs, nostalgia, nostalgia, and feelings of home and country contained in the Mid-Autumn Festival, with singing and dancing, symphony, opera, and opera as the main carrier, interspersed with various performances such as rap and situation performances.

This party was recorded in Zhangjiagang, Jiangsu Province, and it was broadcast for the first time with three-dimensional sound production, which added a sense of height to the sound on the basis of the plane sound field, accurate positioning, and more three-dimensional reality.

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