China University of Science and Technology sends more than 40,000 phishing emails

Recently, a student from the University of Science and Technology of China posted on a social platform that they had received an email about the "Free Mooncake Collection for Mid-Autumn Festival", but they did not receive a mooncake after filling in the information. The school official said that this was actually "the first phishing email drill in the whole school."

According to school emails, more than 45,000 simulated phishing emails were sent to all teachers and students during the exercise (including more than 38,000 for students and more than 6,000 for teachers). The authentication interface submitted the information. According to the school, the largest number of them are first-year undergraduates. Their relevant network security knowledge is relatively lacking, and the next step will focus on network security training for them.

It is worth mentioning that in this phishing email exercise, USTC has carefully designed several common phishing "loopholes", such as the fake sender address: "", the non-existing USTC department: "USTC. Mailbox Management Center", Wrong Contact: Does not start with 6360, etc.

According to data released by the University of Science and Technology of China, from January to August 2022, the school mail server received a total of 110 million emails, of which 100 million (90%) were judged as spam. From January to August 2022, 921 accounts on the school's mail server were hacked to steal passwords and send spam. On average, nearly 4 accounts have their passwords stolen every day. In 2022, the network information center sent spoofed email reminders to 2,000 people.

The China University of Science and Technology said that it found that in the past month, criminals have begun to write targeted phishing emails based on the characteristics of the school's personnel, and the methods have become more and more concealed. Teachers and students, please do not let down your vigilance and allow criminals to take advantage of it!

The National Cyber ​​Security Week (referred to as "Cyber ​​Security Week") was held from September 5th to 11th. The China University of Science and Technology stated that September 6th is Cybersecurity Week Campus Day, which aims to enhance the cybersecurity awareness and protection skills of teachers and students. , to create a campus network culture atmosphere of "green Internet access, civilized Internet access, and safe Internet access". The Cyber ​​Security and Informatization Office and the Cyber ​​Information Center jointly held a series of activities. On the same day, cyber security brochures were distributed to teachers and students on each campus, and a promotional video carousel was arranged at the campus bus stop. A quiz with prizes was held.

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