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China will launch the Breakout operation from now on

The Ministry of Public Security's Cyber ​​Security Bureau will deploy and carry out the "broken account" operation from now until the end of December, focusing on cracking down and rectifying the black industry chain of online accounts.

According to reports, since 2019, the public security network security department has investigated and shut down more than 140 code-receiving platforms, confiscated more than 22 million mobile phone black cards, and seized more than 300 million online black accounts, achieving remarkable results in stages.

In this "broken account" operation, the public security organs will further strengthen the investigation and crackdown, insist on attacking the platform, tracing the source, breaking the chain, and severely crack down on various illegal and criminal acts of maliciously registering online accounts in accordance with the law.

Official departments will further strengthen industry rectification, urge Internet companies to fulfill their main responsibilities, proactively identify and dispose of online accounts used for malicious registration and illegal sales, and organize Internet companies to conduct re-verification of discovered online black accounts.

Wang Yingwei, director of the Cyber ​​Security Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security, previously stated that in recent years, my country's Internet technology and industry have developed rapidly. While facilitating the production and life of the people, various new forms of cybercrime and ecology have also emerged.

According to reports, public security organs at all levels have focused on highlighting illegal crimes and online chaos on the Internet, and adhered to the strategy of "fighting the whole chain and ecological governance", so as to open the way, promote management through crackdowns, and promote governance through management, effectively safeguarding cyberspace security and online Order and stability. Especially since 2018, the Ministry of Public Security has organized public security organs across the country to carry out a special campaign to “clean up the Internet” for five consecutive years. With cluster campaigns and special rectification as the starting point, and with the satisfaction of the people and the stability of the network order, the Ministry of Public Security has launched a campaign against cyber crimes. Powerful offensive.

The first is to crack down on prominent cyber crimes. For violations of citizens' personal information, hacking and sabotage, online black production, online gambling, online pornography, online false information, and other illegal and criminal acts that seriously endanger online order and people's rights and interests, insist on taking heavy blows, breaking cases, and eliminating gangs. Since the special operation, a total of 255,000 cybercrime cases of various types have been detected, and 385,000 criminal suspects have been arrested.

The second is to focus on ecological strikes. Regarding the key elements of cybercrime such as material supply, technical support, advertising promotion, payment, and settlement, the public security organs insist on cracking down on seven inches, the whole chain, and the ecology, and strictly control the persons, gangs and enterprises involved in accordance with the law, and effectively cut off the interests of the Internet. chain. In 2021, more than 6,000 gangs of various types including illegal payment and settlement will be destroyed, and more than 73,000 criminal suspects will be arrested.

The third is to strengthen the rectification of network order. The public security organs insist on putting equal emphasis on crackdown and rectification, effectively strengthening the governance of network platforms at the source, continuously strengthening security supervision and inspection and administrative law enforcement, and rectifying according to law the network application services with prominent illegal and harmful information, as well as various network services that are used to commit crimes, and promote the Internet The industry and ecology develop in a healthy and orderly manner. At the same time, deepen the "double investigation in one case", and strictly investigate the behaviors of enterprises involved in cybercrime cases that do not fulfill their cybersecurity management obligations. Since the special action, a total of 162,000 illegal Internet companies and units have been subject to administrative penalties in accordance with the law.

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