Chinese institutions have realized the patent layout of the entire silicon carbide (SiC) industry

The patent analysis agency Knowmade recently released a report on the intellectual property rights of the silicon carbide (SiC) industry chain. It sorted out the patent layout of manufacturers and research institutions in different countries from the substrate, epitaxy, devices, and modules.

Knowmade pointed out that in the field of extremely valuable substrates, although manufacturers such as Wolfspeed and II-VI continue to apply for new patents, Japanese companies Sumitomo Electric and Showa Denko still occupy a dominant position, and Chinese manufacturers such as Tongguang and Tianke Heda also There is a certain scale layout.

The Knowmade report highlights that Chinese companies are accelerating patent applications to support the formation of a complete domestic supply chain that is independent and controllable. Patent applications in mainland China have covered the entire industry chain, and a relatively active intellectual property cooperation network has been formed.

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