Chinese rover Zhurong discovered a parachute and a lander cover on the planet


Zhurong took black and white images of the remains of the equipment with security cameras, including one with his own footprints in the dust. Later, color photographs of the artifacts were taken with a color navigation-topographic camera.

According to Chinese scientists, the structural elements of the cover are clearly identified. The pictures were taken from a distance of about 30 meters from the dropped elements and 350 meters from the landing site.

Zhurong is part of the Tianwen-1 mission, independently prepared by Chinese specialists, and includes the Martian rover, the landing, and orbital modules. The mission started in July 2020, and on June 15, 2021, a special module with a rover successfully landed on the Utopia plain.

China has become the second nation in the history of the Earth to successfully plant a robot on the planet to exploit it for a long time. Back in 1971 - 50 years ago, a successful landing of a Soviet ship was made, but the equipment went out of order literally two minutes later. In December 2003, a module of the European Space Agency supposedly successfully landed on Mars, but no information from it has been received.

Zhurong investigates the geology and topography of the surrounding area and also searches for hidden water ice. The mission must last at least 90 days or solos. It is planned that the orbital module, which ensures communications of the rover with the Earth and conducts its own observations, will function for one Martian year (687 Earth days). On Thursday, Zhurong explored Mars for 60 sols and traveled a total of 450 meters.

This is not the first case of photographic documentation of one's own life activity by space technology. In December 2004, NASA's Opportunity rover also examined the remains of its own landing equipment, taking similar images.

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