Chrome for Android 12 is similar to the PC version

As it became known, the new version of Google Chrome for mobile devices running Android 12 allows you to open multiple browsers at the same time, as in the version of Google for PC.

Chrome tabs can be organized differently depending on the platform. On a PC, you can put tabs into groups in one or more windows, which can then be rearranged using the operating system's window manager. On Android, you can also put tabs in groups, but you can't open multiple Chrome programs like on a PC. This should change with the upcoming Android 12 update and the new mobile version of Google Chrome. Google is working to provide this capability as well on a window manager in Chrome for Android.

According to XDADevelopers, changes have already appeared in the browser code, which is marked with the multi-instance tag and has been sent to Chromium Gerrit. These new changes add a new window button to the Google Chrome context menu whenever the device enters split-screen mode. This "New Window" prompt allows users to launch a new browser instance on the other half of the screen. The second instance of Chrome also opens a context menu, which is updated with a "manage windows" button, which lists all active windows.

In total, users will be able to open up to five Chrome apps, although there is no limit to the number of tabs that can be opened in each window. Notably, each Google Chrome window also appears as a separate tab in the latest apps overview.

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